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Unlock your potential with personalized education guidance from expert consultants.

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In “Education consultancy,” We encompass a range of activities to support individuals, institutions, or organizations in various aspects of education.

Techsgency Education Consultancy Services

Elevate your academic journey with tailored guidance from trusted education consultants.

Advisory Services

We provide guidance and expertise to educational institutions, organizations, and individuals seeking assistance in curriculum development, Continuous Professional Development for teachers, educational technology integration, and strategic planning.

Research and Innovation

We actively engage in activities to stay informed about the latest developments in the education sector, conduct research to identify emerging trends and implement innovative solutions to address challenges or improve educational outcomes.

Admission Consultation (Abroad)

We assist students who desire to study in foreign universities in the admission process (new admission, dual degree admission, transfer degree admission). Further, we also provide opportunities for educators, administrators, and other professionals to pursue higher studies to make them more skilled in the professional arena.

Skill Development Programs

We offer training programs to enhance students’ skills by providing IT & ITES and soft skills coaching.

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